the Little Cunha Farm

Agricultural Science

In our class students are investigating local farmers and the role they play in producing sustainable foods, all the while combating climate change. Students draw relationships between human populations, food production, soil health, and how we can use the soil to sequester carbon from our atmosphere. Students are learning the fundamentals of soil science and how to analyze soil health properties. Students then create a project communicating a solution answering the question: how can we implement sustainable agricultural practices to improve soil quality and mitigate the impacts of climate change in our local environment? 

Meet Our Flock!

On our little farm, we have six chickens who we raised as day old chicks when we picked them up from Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel.

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped and inspired our program:

Cabrillo Unified School District, Cabrillo Education Fund, CUSD Environmental Committee, San Mateo County Environmental Literacy Initiative, San Mateo County of Education CTE program, Resource Conservation District, San Mateo County Office of Sustainability, the Heal Project, Half Moon Bay High School Ag Science Program, Half Moon Bay High School Ag Boosters, Green Our Planet, San Mateo CalRTA, Philanthropic Ventures, Environmental Science Grant, Rinaldo Vesaliza, Sean McPhetridge, Lisa Longaker, Naomi Stern, Andra Yeghoian, Mark Chaney Construction.

Donating to the Little Cunha Farm

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