What We Do Out Here on the Farm

The Little Cunha Farm is a great place where students learn about agriculture. At the Cunha farm we have chickens and we get to grow our own plants. But the best part of it is the friends we make along the way.

An awesome part of being on the Cunha farm is that there is a pile of wood chips that you can shovel and there are a bunch of different jobs so everybody can help out. There are awesome chickens that love to run in circles and poop on people sometimes. We get to grow our plants and help them live and then take them home. There are a bunch of fun things to do and so you never will get bored. There are lots to learn about plants and soil health and the ecosystem and how animal feces is a natural fertilizer.

One thing I like about the farm is that the students can take care of the farm on their own and you learn how to grow and take care of plants and animals. The farm gives you your own experience about planting plants. Another thing the farm does is it teaches you about local farming. Lastly it teaches you to learn about produce and how to farm and where to farm.

The Little Cunha Farm is very fun because it is very hands-on and is very interesting and exciting to be a part of because of the garden and chickens.


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