Students on the Little Cunha Farm are learning about indoor growing with a hydroponic system in the classroom.

After a visit to Ouroboros Farms (Spring 2022) to see their aquaponic system, we were inspired to see if we could do something similar. A large operation of that scale may happen in time, but for now, we are learning about hydroponics, which is simply growing food in a nutrient-rich water solution (no fish, and of course no soil).

With the help of Green Our Planet we were able to acquire a commercial-sized hydroponic growing system, with 19 smaller systems that sit on the counter. Students can grow more than 200 plants at a time, at a rate much faster than outside. We love our outdoor farm, and with the addition of the hydroponic system, students can learn multiple ways of growing food, and be able to produce higher yields for our local community.

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