Meet Our Chickens

One of the many student group projects was promoting “Chicken Therapy” for others on campus. Part of their project was introducing all our chickens. Here is their write-up:

This is Felipe! She is a Giant Cochin. They are really calm and rarely get upset about anything. Giant Cochins are gentle and intelligent. They are also said to be one of the largest chicken breeds.

This is Gordon Ramsay! She is a Buff Orpington. Buff Orpingtons are very friendly and docile. They are really calm, gentle and love attention. They also rarely get bad tempered or cranky.

These are Pumpkin and Pollito! They are Rhode Island Red chickens. Rhode Island Reds will be happy to have your company, and can live in all different types of climates.

This is Rocket! She is a Barred Rock chicken. Barred Rocks are very calm and mellow. They generally get along with everyone, and are a larger breed.

This is Baba Ganoush! She is an Olive Egger chicken. Olive Eggers are well known for being friendly and docile. They are well known for their pastel green eggs. 

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